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Best Home Maintenance Company in Dubai

Get professional home maintenance services at the most competitive rates. Rely upon the skills of our highly trained and experienced technicians to do the job right the first time. Get professional best home maintenance company in Dubai UAE services at the most competitive prices. Trust on our highly experienced technicians to do the excellent job right at first time!

My Homes Fix is a best home maintenance company in Dubai UAE that has a good reputation with customers across all the major developments. Since 2015, we have been maintaining all kinds of houses , including those in Dubai Marina, Arabian Ranches, The Springs, Palm Jumeirah, Downtown and so on.

Enquire about an annual contract offering year-round peace of mind and the biggest cost-savings on home maintenance services – available to homeowners, tenants and landlords alike.

My Homes Fix was founded in Dubai in 2015 by Indian Expats, Anas Anukri and Farhan Ahmad. We’re one of the best company in UAE for excellent customer service. We will provide our customers affordability with. We think very carefully about providing customers with quality services that are unrivaled in terms of excellency and cost-efficiency. Our team is constantly reviewing and updating our processes to ensure that they fix the problem, the first time.

Relax with a Reliable Home Maintenance Company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or all over UAE

AC Maintenance:- A breakdown of your air conditioner in the middle of summer can be very uncomfortable, and even getting it fixed in the middle of winter can be very unpleasant. AC breaks down in the middle of summer and it can be very difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your house. Regular air conditioning service in Dubai is the best way to ensure that your house stays cool and comfortable all year round.

Plumbing Service: It will enable you to get the best plumbing services in Dubai. We rely on having hot and cold water running every time we turn on our taps. It is therefore not surprising that if there are any problems with your plumbing, they can easily ruin your day.

Pest Control Services: We understand the challenges that the environment is facing. Our team takes all necessary precautions in order to minimize the impact of our services on the environment, & uses heat kill, traps, etc. When the pest infestation is very severe. Our pesticides are less hazardous than some of the other products that are currently in the market. We always give you proper instructions & guide you on what we should do before we start the process of exterminating the pests on your property.

Carpet Cleaning: Carpets look wonderful in any room of your house or office. They are highly functional and look lovely too. Carpets give your house and office the comfortable feel that you expect them to give. Carpets collect dirt and germs that people bring into their houses from people who bring shoes to their houses and from pets. This causes indoor air pollution and breathing problems. We also offer a proper equipment and experienced workers to clean carpets and rugs thoroughly.

Electricity Services: It is very easy for people to take electricity for granted and when there is a problem with the electrics, you will need someone to help you as quickly as you can. Finding reputable electricians in Dubai is not easy, as electricity can be very dangerous for a family, and only people who are qualified should carry out any work that needs to be done. Choosing an electrician who is the cheapest and quickest to arrive at your home can prove to be very risky.

Improvement Services: My Homes Fix was founded to meet the needs of today’s busy villa owners. You are able to continue with your daily activities and be comfortable and relaxed if you know that your job done is being well maintained by qualified professionals. Home repair is what we do best; it is really not something that we do. Select a quality home maintenance firm that has highly qualified technicians to maintain your home, whether you are planning to completely renovate the room or just doing a little repair works efficiently. My Homes Fix is a premium maintenance company that does everything needed to keep things clean and comfortable.

Maintenance Packages:

We provide different types annual maintenance packages too for painting, handyman water tank cleaning and also kitchen & bathroom cleaning services too but We generally give you a three month warranty of our work done at a time so you don’t have to worry about of taking annual packages.

Contact us and schedule a free appointment for best home maintenance company in Dubai UAE and let us take care to help you today and rest of things done to give you a one on one solution efficiently.

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